Seaton 70 Oasis

SEATON YACHTS – designed for the long run

Seaton Yachts® is dedicated to designing and building seaworthy, beautiful boats for coastal and extended offshore cruising.  We bring decades of experience—and tens of thousands of real-world cruising miles—to the design and construction of cruising powerboats.  Our goal is to build the best cruising boats anywhere, at any price.

The Seaton name is synonymous with offshore cruising powerboats.  In the last 41 years, Seaton has produced more than 400 designs, many of which are long-range cruisers that define the modern trawler yacht.  Seaton boats are widely valued for their seakindliness, efficiency, and timeless good looks.  The “Seaton look” has been widely imitated throughout the industry, but an original Seaton design has a style all its own.

Cost alone is no measure of quality.  By overseeing every detail of design and construction, we build exceptional trawler yachts efficiently and cost-effectively.  When you deal with Seaton Yachts, you’re working with one of the most experienced design and construction teams in the industry.

Whether you are interested in building a new Seaton model, a different model power or sail, or just seek trustworthy advice throughout any stage of your ownership ambitions, feel free to contact us.

Here’s just some of what you get when you buy a Seaton Yacht:

VALUE:  Seaton designs traditionally retain a high percentage of their value over time.  We believe your cruising boat should be a long-term investment, not a short-lived diversion.

EXPERIENCE:  Stephen R. Seaton has created over 400 seagoing designs in the last 30 years.  No other designer comes close to his record of producing ocean-going powerboats.

SEAWORTHINESS:  Built to Ice Class 1D, Seaton designs have completed multiple circumnavigations and uncounted numbers of ocean crossings.  When it comes to designing boats for the long haul, experience counts.

EASE OF OPERATION:  Every boat from Seaton Yachts is designed for owner operation without the need for professional crew.  Bow and stern thrusters, powered docking capstans, and ship-like anchoring systems bring push-button handling to even our largest vessels.

LOW MAINTENANCE:  Our exterior finishes and detailing are created specifically to minimize maintenance time.  Highly-polished stainless steel and gelcoat-finished fiberglass surfaces are designed for no maintenance beyond power washing and wipe-down.  Spend your time enjoying the destination rather than maintaining your boat.

REDUNDANCY:  Reliable get-home propulsion, state-of-the-art fuel handling systems, and back-ups for all key systems mean peace of mind when you’re far from assistance.  Your boat will always get you home.

EFFICIENT HULL DESIGNS:  We tailor the boat to the job.  Our ocean-crossing designs feature fuel-efficient hull shapes for long range and offshore comfort.  Our coastal cruising designs are easily driven for high average speeds when you want to get to your destination quickly.  Our designs are not one-size-fits-all creations.

FUEL FOR THE LONG HAUL:  Ocean cruising requires big fuel capacity, and the ability to manage that fuel efficiently.  Our boats feature commercial-grade fuel loading and high-capacity transfer systems for fast, cost-effective fueling from commercial sources.

INTERIOR COMFORT:  While our exteriors are designed for low maintenance, our interiors bring mega-yacht detailing at a price you can afford.  A Seaton Yacht is a true home afloat, with high-end appliances, spacious floor plans, and a degree of privacy you will find in no other boat.

QUIET OPERATION:  Our boats are engineered to be quiet inside, whether underway or at anchor.  Sophisticated sound-deadening in the engine room, machinery spaces, and living spaces lets you enjoy the sounds of nature rather than the noise of engines and equipment.

EFFICIENT ENGINE ROOMS:  The engine room is the heart of every cruising powerboat, and our ocean cruising designs feature the best engine rooms afloat.  All have over six feet of headroom, ample storage for tools and spares, workbenches, and plenty of space to service engines and other machinery.  Ease of service leads to long machinery life and increased reliability.

BEAUTY:  Seaton Yachts are instantly recognizable by their rugged, practical beauty.  While many designers try to copy the Seaton look, an original Seaton Yacht has a style of its own.  Each Seaton Yacht is a reflection of the designer’s skill, and the owner’s discriminating taste.  Own an original, not a copy.

You may think we just build yachts, but we’re actually in the business of fulfilling dreams.  Let us help you make your dreams come true!