Maine in August

Front Street Shipyard in Belfast Maine

While I was on the road in Maine last weekend, visiting Lyman Morse and other yards, I swung by Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine, one of New England’s preeminent facilities for service and craftsmanship. As a New York Yacht Club member who can’t seem to break away from his work – but eager to catch up with racing and cruising friends — I wanted to find out how everyone was faring on the Club annual summer cruise.

It’s always a treat to take that time in August, the peak of Maine’s gorgeous cruising and regatta season, and spend time aboard on the island strewn coast. What I saw and heard didn’t disappoint, and made me feel like I was, somehow, participating in this favorite annual tradition.

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Who I saw, what they were sailing, if they were sailing a boat I helped them buy , where they anchored overnight, how cold was the water, was there any fog, who ate lobster in butter ….

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