Case Study: Forever Exploring

Forever Exploring with the McArthursJohn recently heard from Leigh and Wendy McArthur, whom he first met at Trawler Fest, and subsequently assisted in the process of finding the right boat for their budget and their cruising dreams. Clearly, things have progressed as planned, as the McArthurs checked in from Whittier, Alaska, aboard FOREVER EXPLORING, a Kadey Krogen 42.

“We think of you often and are still so appreciative of your help in our getting FOREVER EXPLORING!,” writes Leigh. “We actually were singing your praises last week to a couple saying that they want to think about trawlers.”

How did it all begin?

Find out here how a sailing vacation the McArthurs took with their children in British Columbia in 2014 set the stage for a life-altering leap, one that all came together at Trawler Fest.

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