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Seaton Yachts® is dedicated to designing and building seaworthy, beautiful boats for coastal and extended offshore cruising.  We bring decades of experience—and tens of thousands of real-world cruising miles—to the design and construction of cruising powerboats.  Our goal is to build the best cruising boats anywhere, at any price.

Steve Seaton's name is synonymous with offshore cruising powerboats.  In the last 41 years, he has produced more than 400 designs, many of which are long-range cruisers that define the modern trawler yacht.  Seaton's boats are widely valued for their seakindliness, efficiency, and timeless good looks.  The "Seaton look" has been widely imitated throughout the industry, but an original Seaton design has a style all its own.

Cost alone is no measure of quality.  By overseeing every detail of design and construction, we build exceptional trawler yachts efficiently and cost-effectively.  When you deal with Seaton Yachts, you're working with one of the most experienced design and construction teams in the industry.

Seaton Yachts and Seaton Marine, LLC is located in the New England's Premier Shipyard, Newport Shipyard & Harborage, in Newport, Rhode Island